March 26th, 2017

On March 26th we launched the Alberta Fruit Commons project with the first tree planting session. We met in the large communal gardens on Ambergate Street with good weather and a great turnout. 8 Trees planted. More details

January 24th, 2017

We are delighted to announce we have been awarded funding by the United St Saviours Community Engagement Fund to plant fruit trees and bushes as part of our Alberta Fruit Commons Project.

December 15th 2016


This year we have submitted applications to 3 community funds: Southwark Cleaner Greener Safer fund, the Neighbourhoood's Fund, and United St Saviours Community Engagement Programme. More details coming soon...

December 20th 2016


The TRA were involved with trying to get areas of the estate repaved. Some parts of the path had got very uneven and were causing access difficulties for some of the residents. We are pleased to see that repaving of the worst areas is now underway. We understand that this causes considerable disruption during the works. Do let us know if you think the contractors are not working within the designated times and areas.

December 10th 2016


Following the TRA's previous successful application to Southwark's Cleaner Greener Safer Fund we are pleased to see that the new garden has been created at the Old Dairy area on Ambergate Street. This area has been a problem with fly tipping and people having sex in their cars!

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