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When the Alberta Estate was built in the late 1950s, fruit and nut trees formed a significant part of the planting in communal garden areas. In 2017 the Alberta TRA formed a group with the aim of caring for the remaining fruit trees, and renewing planting that has been lost. 


The ambition was to use fruit trees as a focus for community events, fostering greater community involvement and custodianship of our communal spaces, creating stronger links between the TRA and the wider community, and improving the local environment.

Join us soon for some digging, picking or pruning. Or next time you're walking down Alberta St, (or the appropriately named Berryfield Rd) help yourself to our delicious raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, whitecurrants, boysenberries, tayberries or jostaberries. There is plenty for everyone!

In the years since we have planted 26 trees, and over 100 bushes and fruiting hedge plants, across 8 different communal garden areas, as well as wildflower areas, herbs, bee friendly pollinators, and many unusual edibles from a pomegranate tree to a Szechuan pepper. 


We've been successful in bringing together older and younger members of our community -  long standing residents, and those new to the area. Come sun or sleet, our monthly garden sessions are well attended, and watering and other duties are shared between sessions.


The WhatsApp group (currently 60 members) gets regular updates of the fruit picked and weighed, with cakes, bakes, and breakfast recipes shared, and pictures showing just how many people are making regular use of the many kilos of fruit, on a daily basis, during the summer months. (If you don't use Whatsapp let us know and we can give you a knock on the door when we are out and about.) To join our Whatsapp group text: +44 7818 098 135.


See our Googlemap for the sites and project phases.

Or get in touch via:

We do have a Facebook Page but none of the current members are very active on Facebook - let us know if you can help!



Pre-Covid our popular Winter Wassail brought together 5 neighbouring gardening groups to celebrate community gardening in the depths of winter, processing around West Walworth with over 100 revellers, ending at Draper Hall for music and refreshments.

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Plum picking evening session!
Alberta Street Bed
Plum Cake and Compote

Photo Album 2020




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